• Aural Abstraction SYMCTY + Bozz 09.2023 :: Vibes inspired from spending nights in the forest
  • Mycelium SYMCTY. 06.2023 :: Moody downtempo, fungal breakbeat and introspective house
  • Moonlight Fantasy Bozz
    w/ Mr. Kraft
    05.2023 :: Special guest Mr. Kraft shares a special blend of jazz, r&b and deep electronic cuts
  • Left Coast Bozz + SYMCTY.
    w/ l a y l o w
    04.2023 :: Special guest l a y l o w of the Shades radio show drops in to play 2's
  • Place To Be SYMCTY.
    w/ LAFLOR & Backyard Mango
    04.2023 :: Freeform friends join forces for a live mix of left field selections, disco and house vibes
  • Ribbon Tweeters & Folded Horns SYMCTY. 03.2023 :: excursions in minimal and deep house sounds
  • Heroin House Bozz + SYMCTY. 03.2023 :: experimenting with slowed sounds in the style of Sutsche, heroin house and sludgy techno
  • Southeast Session Bozz + SYMCTY.
    w/ Mario Luum and Lonelygirl15
    02.2023 :: Friends join up in the new Freeform studio for a mix of vapourwave and various house vibes
  • Another Day Bozz + SYMCTY. 10.2022 :: take a trip through South African amapiano focusing on the private school style. Bozz tag teams in for some deep late summer house vibes
  • Wonder Twins Bozz + SYMCTY. 05.2022 :: SYMCTY and Bozz tag-team using vinyl and binary formats, an expression of the moment.
  • Crystalline Bozz 04.2022 :: Bozz plays electronics as hail pelts the window
  • Winter Dub Bozz + SYMCTY. 03.2022 :: SYMCTY starts out with a set of newly acquired dub techno vinyl, followed by a tag-team w/ Bozz. Music inspired by the lingering winter...
  • Black to the Future Bozz + SYMCTY. 03.2022 :: For Black History Month, Bozz and SYMCTY play some of their favorite African American electronic music through the decades. All vinyl set
  • The Lucky Ones Bozz 01.2022 :: Bozz bringing in the new year with house music
    Counting my blessings...
  • Science Fiction Bozz 01.2022 :: Bozz brings another psychedelic transmission from cyberspace deep.
  • La Arboj Bozz + SYMCTY. 12.2021 :: SYMCTY. sets the mood, inspired by trees. Bozz brings it home w/ mellloooow house.
  • Venturing Out Bozz + SYMCTY. 11.2021 :: SYMCTY. and Bozz play back and forth, exploring breaks and all lands in between.
  • Shade of Pink Bozz 10.2021 :: Bozz plays a solo set that falls on the mellower side of house
  • Shadow World Bozz + SYMCTY. 09.2021 :: Live show on Freeform Portland hosted by Bozz & SYMCTY.
  • Into Fall Bozz + SYMCTY. 04.2021 :: Invited to play for old friends at Good Friday Radio. This is Bozz (Dijon) and SYMCTY. (Symbio) going back and forth with records, flacs, mp3s, laserdiscs, and whatevah.
  • Horizon Forward SYMCTY. 02.2021 :: SYMCTY. droppin some fresh and classic house music.
  • Ambient House Bozz + SYMCTY. 01.2021 :: An excursion into ambient house, old and new. SYMCTY and Bozz take turns exploring the genre with conversation throughout. This is our first scheduled show in our new time slot, on Wednesday evenings at 10pm-12am PST. Let's get melllooooow.
  • Lost Prairie Night Bozz + SYMCTY. 09.2020 :: Bozz + SYMCTY play into the evening, the vibe evolves into something deep and tech. Set was outdoors, live among Douglas Firs for Freeform Portland.
  • Lost Prairie Day Bozz + SYMCTY. 09.2020 :: Bozz + SYMCTY dropping current + classic house jamz in the western Cascades for Freeform Portland. Summer sun campout vibes. A lil video too!
  • Through Windows Bozz + SYMCTY. 05.2020 :: A live show recorded remotely using OBS Studio, Zoom and lots of gadgets for Freeform Portland. SYMCTY starts w/ ambient into slow mo house + electro. Bozz + SYMCTY do a 2x4 (dual DJ) live remote collaboration set with SYMCTY layin down techno while Bozz mixes in ambient and sound effects.
  • Remote Sensing Bozz + SYMCTY. 04.2020 :: Another live show recorded remotely using Discord and lots of gadgets. Bozz starts w/ house and SYMCTY rounds it out with his unique flavor of techno. Music is followed by chit-chat.
  • Urban Outpost Bozz + SYMCTY. 04.2020 :: Live recorded with co-hosts in different locations (we live ~2 miles apart) using Discord. Technology is insane!
  • A Dream, Afterlife SYMCTY. 03.2020 :: Remote broadcast under extraordinary circumstances...The first mix on Electric Drizzle from SYMCTY!
  • That which is unavoidable Bozz 02.2020 :: My first set on Freeform playing records as Bozz... learning the knobs and levels.